Monday, August 25, 2008

Bululu Studio's Favorite Sellers

I stumbled upon freezedriedevil today on Etsy. From the her profile: "I taste like bile, blood, and adrenaline. I smell like fire and honey. I laugh like the wind. I move like smoke. I love sushi, poop like no one's listening, touch the oil paintings in museums, laugh at inappropriate moments, crochet improvisationally, photograph haphazardly, only make things that make me happy, prefer noise to music, and would fly into a flame trying to save a moth."

freezedriedevil offers crocheted item is one-of-a-kind and made without a pattern. Aside from not being able to read patterns, She finds that figuring out her own ways to solve problems is much more rewarding, and the organic method of creating something on the spot allows her to make it the best that she can every time without having to adjust a pattern because of yarn type, item size, etc. It also guarantees that no two items will ever be exactly the same and that your unique item had her full attention throughout the creative process.

I especially love the Angry Ladybug Hat, of which she has one for sale (shown above).

She also offers a nice variety of handcrafted of crocheted keychain in lots of styles and colors.

Please stop by freezedriedevil and check out her selection of goods, especially the really awesome crocheted goods she has for sale.

Also, check out her web site, which is very cool.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

"We are black belt school !"

Let me tell you... It's one of the best things We've ever done... get into Taekwondo as you know I got three girls, they got two months already learning martial arts and now they are orange belt, people ask me why Taekwondo? First discipline, responsibility, character, fitness, self defense and mental health.

Cause we are black belt school... Ah zha!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Junk mail issues?

Try opening the stack each day, next to a trash can. In other words, attack the mail immediately, throwing out the obvious junk mail and keeping only the truly important stuff. Throw out the envelopes, they take space in your mail organizer.

Be honest with yourself if you decide to keep something--an ad for an on-sale item, a coupon, etc.) Don't keep it unless you are truly going to cash in on it and use it.

You can also check STOP JUNK MAIL