Friday, March 27, 2009

They Found Oldest Gold Necklace of America

A gold necklace that dates from more than 4,000 years ago was found near the Titicaca Lake in Peru and constitutes the device oldest fact with the metal golden in America, said investigators.

Tests with carbon-14 to define the antiquity of the material suggest the necklace, fact of accounts plated like a tube, was elaborated around the 2100 before Christ, reported investigators in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Anthropologist Mark Aldenderfer of the University of Arizona and colleagues discovered the necklace next to a skull of an adult person in a pit who exhuming in Jiskairumoko, a village formed by hunting-recollectors between the 3300 and the 1500 before Christ.

"We hid the discovery by a time for several reasons. One is that we wanted to have fact a chemical analysis of gold, "explained Aldendorfer in a telephone interview.

"and second it was that we did not want that the people of the place or any other knew of gold because we feared thieves," it added. Those preoccupations already were surpassed.

"We finalized our excavations in the 2004. And the place soon was plowed by the inhabitants of the place who simply returned to use it for agriculture. Then, we are not worried about sackings. This he was destroyed of all ways, "said Aldendorfer.

The investigator added that the finding was unexpected because the people who lived in Jiskairumoko were the initial stages of agriculture. "Much people have argued who the gold and gold worked like this one would only have to be found in the societies of people who were based in agricultural villages with excessive of production and, of fact, even in more complex societies," explained. The accounts were done of local gold hammered to flatten it and soon to coil it, and beaded in a wool cord.

Aldendorfer says that to the finding sample that somebody had time to become more influential and important. "the This reflected social process of people with sedentary behavior. When they become sedentary, all the rules of the society begin to become from a style of nomadic life, "said.

Source: Reuters

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eco BirdFeeder

Great idea to reuse chopsticks.

Always Remember the
3 R's
Reuse, Reduce and Recycled.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bululu's Favorite sellers!... MissButler

Well I have to admit one of my favorite sellers, I love the style of this wonderful artist, her work is very colorful and joyful. She enjoys Latin American culture and folk art.

From her profile: "I love to travel and have fallen in love with the colors, textures and designs found throughout the Latin American world. A couple of years ago I started sewing items inspired by this culture for myself and my friends and recently decided to share them with the Etsy community, too. Over the years I've collected a great stash of fabrics and trims and look forward to making more and more items as my new shop grows."

You can read her blog and know about her a little bit more.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Happy B-day Lolo!!

Best wishes to you, enjoy this day and have fun.

We want cake!!! ;D

Monday, March 9, 2009

Green Tips :D

Being organized not only means that you have de-cluttered all the unnecessary objects in your home, but that you are efficiently and cost-effectively utilizing the ones you do want and need. Being green means keeping an eye on waste and consumption. Keeping consumption down is good for the mind, body and house!

1. BE FREE FROM JUNK MAIL. Get rid of your junk mail and unwanted catalogs and stop killing trees by signing up with

2. GIFT GIVING: Give an experience rather than stuff. A gift certificate for a massage, facial, restaurant, or theater. Donate to a charity in the person's name. Spend quality time with that person. The memory lasts longer than any "thing."

3. REGIFT. Make a gift area for things that you receive and don't like but know they will be appreciated and loved by someone else.