Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bululu's Favorite sellers!... MissButler

Well I have to admit one of my favorite sellers, I love the style of this wonderful artist, her work is very colorful and joyful. She enjoys Latin American culture and folk art.

From her profile: "I love to travel and have fallen in love with the colors, textures and designs found throughout the Latin American world. A couple of years ago I started sewing items inspired by this culture for myself and my friends and recently decided to share them with the Etsy community, too. Over the years I've collected a great stash of fabrics and trims and look forward to making more and more items as my new shop grows."

You can read her blog and know about her a little bit more.


lolo said...

Great favorite Bululu!!! Wonderful article about her.... :-)))

MissButler said...

Thanks, Bululu! I'm honored that an artist like you appreciates my shop. I can't wait to see your next favorite seller!

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BululuStudio said...

Thanks so much guys for your comments and yes she's a great artist Plastic Business Card.