Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sort, sort, sort

Sorting is the easiest way to take a bite out of a cluttered space. Whether it is a nasty pile of paper clutter or a closet bursting at the seams, sorting is the cure.

When you take a look at a huge cluttered pile or space it can be very overwhelming. By sorting the items into categories you are actually breaking them down, simplifying, into a much more manageable project.

Sort items into the following categories: Keep, Donate, Long-Term Storage and my favorite Trash. Here are the definitions for the above categories:

  • Keep--Items used on a regular basis--ones you cannot function without in your "daily living space." Organize your keys so they have a place.
  • Donate--Items that are no longer used or are duplicates. You have decided that you can do without this item and would rather give it to someone else for them to benefit from it.
  • Long-Term Storage--Sentimental things that you want to hold on to but don't need to have cluttering up your daily living space. Out-of-season pieces of clothing qualify for this category as well.
  • Trash--Things that are no longer usable.


Twisted said...

Very cool! I have one like that (but not nearly as cute) right by my front door.

Jenn said...

Decluttering, sorting and donating items (as well as cutting up all the old fabric items to make bags & purses of course!) is one of my very favorite things to do. So liberating :-)

Great blog, glad to have found you through Team EcoEtsy! Hope you have a chance to stop by mine as well Green Leaf Reviewer

TheresaJ said...

Great post and great advice for all! I do this pretty often and it always lessens the feeling of overwhelm. Clutter = overwhelm!!!