Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Me, Myself and "Yo"!

As you know I'm a happy mother of three beautiful girls and a handsome husband that I love a lot. He's a really help...but he's working most of the time...So I do most of the work in the house by myself...Now I'm helping my father and my brother in a FM Radio Show, I'm one of the producers of the program, Me? a producer? :P ...OMG never in my life!.

I'm like The Flash (you know the super hero), but in a feminine version, I have to do everything fast; clean the house, check my products online and work on it, prepare the food (Hold it right there) I have to think first what to cook?

OMG! Select the music daily and get the information for the radio show, by the way the name is "De PUERTA en PUERTA" from Monday to Thursday from 4pm to 6pm, then give the food to my girls and after that do the homework!, Done? I don't think so... got to go the web again and check the show, just in case any further information that they need, plus give them any suggestions (critiques), also I'm getting a report of the online viewers daily, by hour, and guess what? my hobby just arrived "Yo" take a break? not even in my sleep. :D

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