Friday, February 20, 2009

Bululu's Favorite sellers ...Loran Scruggs

I found this amazing artist who works using recycled tin cans to make fun and colorful toys, her name is Loran Scruggs.

I finally meet her...well on video at least...I've been a fan of her for more than a year now, I admire her work.

From Loran profiles "I'm a metal girl, I have a large stash of bottle caps and tins cans organized in my little shop. I spend all spare moments there starting and finishing every piece.

I collect bottle caps and tin from local restaurants, friends and interested neighbors. Some decorative tins are purchased from second hand stores.

The whistle were along time in the idea bank. Years ago I was inspired by Bobby Hansons book "Working with Tin" where he shows how to make a whistle out of two pieces of tin. I increased the tin size and added bottle caps and they are."


Meekiyu said...

wow I am floored by the tiny documentary it's so well written and produced and so very honest. Simply fantastic! =D

CAT Productions said...

That's a great shop and a delightful video! Thanks for sharing it with us! I really like your blog and shop, too.