Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Green Tips::: How to Attract Birds to Your Yard

I really like having birds around. They are nice to look at and free to enjoy. Birds eat pesky insects that may tear up your garden, so they are a green first step towards replacing pesticides.

If you create the right environment in your backyard, you can provide a safe haven for birds. The birds, instead of living somewhere harmful to humans and themselves, will be able to safely nest in your backyard.

Here are a few tips to lure them there.

No Pesticides
First of all, do not use pesticides. The pesticides may kill the birds you are trying to attract.

Proper Trees
If you've landscaped your home for energy savings, you probably have a few trees in your yards. The evergreen trees make a great year-round home for birds, especially those that have berries and seed-producing cones. You'll also want to grow deciduous trees that have berries, fruits or other possible bird eats.

Reduce the Size of Your Lawn
A big lawn does not make a bird-magnet. A large lawn can also consume a lot of time, money, water and lawn-mower gasoline. Planting shrubs or hedges or anything that provides cover for birds is preferable. Bird houses also work as cover.

Birds need water. Any shallow pool of water can provide birds water. A bird bath is a popular method of providing off-ground water to birds. Birds are vulnerable to cat and other predator attacks when they are on the ground. To keep the cats off your bird bath grow prickly plants along its base.

Bird Feeders
Birds are attracted to feeders. Feed them native seeds if possible. Exotic foods can give native birds digestion troubles. You can make your own using recycled plastic bottles. I did mine (see picture above)


Etsy Spanglish said...

Great tips!! I love birds too! Thanks for sharing Bululu.

Your plastic recycled bird feeder is awesome... :-))

Spanglish Team!

danielle said...

Great tips Bululu. I'm not sure where you live, but here in western NY, my mom puts oranges and strawberry jam in some of the trees to attract Orioles. (I just think the idea of putting strawberry jam in a tree is hilarious, but I guess it works).

Audrey said...

Great tips. We live on a farm right beside a creek, have way more birds then we would like some days - could send you some?

TumbleWeedGirl said...

Thanks for sharing your tips they are very helpful and the bottle feeder is a great green idea! A few days ago a couple of hummingbirds were nesting in a chandelier! an unusual place at my parents' patio, now the are warming up two tiny eggs... Can't wait to see them, I will take some pics and share as well.

Twisted said...

Thanks for the tips. A 100 lb St. Bernard and a feisty cat don't deter birds do they? Maybe that's why I haven't seen any lately!

Giovanna said...

I love your blog!! It's awesome. I love the green tips too. I'm into eco-friendly and love recycling.
I'm following your blog now. :)
If you wish to visit my blog, here it is:

Susan Woodward said...

Loved your article - I feel the same about having birds around. Besides being fun to watch, there are excellent reasons why we should be feeding them.

BululuStudio said...

Thank you guys and gals for all your comments. I really appreciate them.