Friday, May 29, 2009

Bululu's Favorite Sellers... GarageInc

Several days ago, I was looking for a new birdhouse to add to my collection... and I stumble upon GarageInc shop... Ok one of these days I'll show you my collection.

From his profile:

"GarageInc am a great lover of fútbol (soccer) and sports, I am certified arbitrator by the IRA (International Referee Association), and I am fond of photography and I have a HUGE passion for the cinema in all its genders.

I am single and looking for my soulmate :D"

"what inspires me? Nature, trees, birds, squirrels and global warming. I’m currently working from the garage at my house".

Favorite movies:

The Godfather

12 Angry men

The Matrix

The Big Lebowski

Citizen Kane


lolo said...

Cool bird houses Bululu! I also love some of his favorites movies :-)

Great post about another teammates!

Lolo :-)

BululuStudio said...

I know I love them all...very colorful and fun birdhouses.