Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Puzzle time!

Last week my daughters and I were doing a puzzle. It is a habit that I want to create with them. We enjoyed the moment, we use it as a relaxing moment, stress-free; it's a quality time for us.

While my hubby was playing online with his buddies... having a blast. The only thing he did was asked us to get him a glass of water, he was so tired "of running" in his war game... Do you know about "shooting" people, camping, and gimping? that's the only thing I hear him say ...or scream sometimes. Can you believe all that stuff makes him "exhausted"? What's the fun about that? I don't know, you can ask him...please let me know.

Take a peek of what we did.

Ta Da!!

Yesterday we started another puzzle, stay tuned for the reveal.


Huayruro said...

Beautiful puzzle

lolo said...

Great Puzzle! I think you had a good time playing with your daughters.

Lolo :-)

De Puerta en Puerta said...

chechi you did a very good job take care, TQM, Tio.

BululuStudio said...

Huayruro: Yes it's a beautiful puzzle it's a Salvador Dali painting.

Lolo: We had a good time, indeed.

De Puerta en Puerta: She's very good at this.

Thanks so much guys for your comments. :D

Audrey said...

That's a beautiful puzzle!! I used to puzzle with my boys too. We tackled some pretty big ones once in awhile. It's a nice relaxing bonding time.

BululuStudio said...

It is fun...

Thank you Audrey for your comment :D