Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guest Blogger... Ecogeneration

Coffee, Tea, or be eco-friendly? by Ecogeneration

If you are like me, there’s nothing like a strong cup of coffee in the morning. But for me, after one cup of java in the morning, I switch to Green Tea, Black Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Tea, you name it, I have them throughout the day. Of course, freshly brewed tea is so much better than using tea bags but I use tea bags too. So what do I do with all those used tea bags or leaves? Here is what I found out about using used tea bags.

1. Water Your Plants - split cold used teabags and put them into the pots with house - plants, especially ferns and roses love this.
2. Soothe Your Eyes - you've done this, I'm sure, but cool used tea bags reduce swelling around the eyes. Great solution for those of us who are "women of certain age."
3. Cure Warts - I know! Can you believe it? Tannin in teas helps cure warts. Press used teabags onto the wart, remove it, and let the skin dry naturally. Do this for a few days.
4. Dye Fabric - great for white cotton or muslin. Use strong tea for darker color. It is a natural dye that won't run or wash out. (I used an used tea bag to stain paper for my daughter's school project to make it look old and antique-ish. It came out perfect!)
5. Scent a Drawer - take a few used teabags that have been dried and add a couple of drops of essential oil. You can use it to make a sachet for drawers. Lavender or lemon oil work well with this.
6. Marinate Meat - use cold tea to marinate meat to tenderize.
7. Remove old Polish - soak a couple of teabags in boiling water. Allow the water to cool for a while and then soak a soft cloth in it. This can be used to wipe away old polish and dirt from furniture. Great for refinishing old furniture.
8. Clean Mirrors - Cold tea will bring a great shine to mirrors and tiles.
9. Soothe insect bites - put a cold used teabag on insect bites. The tannin will neutralize the sting.
10. Make Ice for Iced Tea - Why use ice for iced tea? Freeze leftover tea as ice cubes and use them the next time you want to make iced tea. Pour the tea over them for instant chilling.

Thanks you so much Karen :D

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BululuStudio said...

Thanks so much Karen for sharing these useful tips. I've learned a lot from your blog also.
Thanks again :D

Marni said...

Great ideas for using used tea bags! Thanks!

BululuStudio said...

Marni: Wonderful tips huh?

Lady P said...

love the ideas about the tea bags - i have at least two of them hanging around my place every morning!

De Puerta en Puerta said...

WOW, great ideas and very helpful too...thanks.