Friday, May 14, 2010

Bubble Gums a second life.

Picture by Lauri

Did you know bubble gums are harmful for the environment? Yep, they are. Let me explain. I was watching a show about eco-friendly ways to help our planet and they mentioned that bubble gums are NOT biodegradable. (and must people think it is) so I thought hmmm I'd share this info with my fellow readers. Fingers to the rescue!.

I started researching more info about Bubble Gums. When people throw bubble gums on the street on the ground, it makes a mess right? cleaning up that mess cost thousands of dollars each month to every city and not just that, also causes harm due to all the chemicals uses in the process. All those chemicals used to clean the streets full of bubble gums are contaminants, because those chemicals are going to the drain of water reaching lakes and then to the oceans causing the deterioration of the marine flora and fauna just by a simple bubble gum. This is a cycle that becomes harmful. Well not so simple, we do things that we do not know the fatal consequences.

There's a designer in London that upcycles Bubble Gums as medium. Her name is Anna Bullus. She invented a new product called Gumdropbin , it's a bin for collecting used bubble gums and give them a second chance in life, with them she reused them and makes more bins.

I'm not saying do not chew bubble gums, just be aware of where you dispose them. I suggest just to wrap it in a piece of paper and them throw it away in a trash can.


Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

no mas chicle?
I actually stopped chewing gum about two years ago after I saw a photo of a dead's birds insides in National Geographic...gum and bottle tops killed it....
imagine what it does to your insides...ugh!

Julia said...

Isn't bubble gum made out of rubber? I saw that on a How it's made type show, and it made me not want to eat it!

Thanks for sharing this info.

ana said...

oh wow. i had no idea! what a great post & i love that whole up-cycling the bubble gum too.

Burning Moon said...

Great post! Your informed me on something I was unaware about I actually haven't chewed gum in a long time but this makes it so i don't want to start again

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