Friday, May 15, 2009

Eco Tips: Paper Napkins

This week I was watching TV and I found a show dedicated to investigating and exposing the cost of living and how it affects our planet.

But this time it was related to paper napkins, It was shocking and insane!... the production of paper causes many harmful effects to our environment, so I decided to share these videos with you. Let's see what you think, shall we?

3 million of trees are cut each year.

Paper processing companies dump toxic chemical into rivers and to the air.

The higher postconsumer content the better (like 90%), choose non-chlorine napkins (no bleached)

Solutions to the problem:
- Use organic cotton or hemp cloth napkins. You will save money and lot of trees.
- Buy paper napkins made of post consumer products. The higher post consumer content the better
- Write a letter to your local congressman to change the regulation to the paper processing company
- Plant trees... lot of trees.


illi said...

Great post. I read somewhere a while ago that Americans use the most toilet paper compared to everyone else in the world.

BululuStudio said...

This issue is worse than we might think.

Let's follow all this solutions to save the planet.

Vivi said...

Great videos. I made some napkins and the switch was pretty easy. Here's the link. I made them out of flannel sheets.

BululuStudio said...

Vivi Cute napkins :D

Have a nice day!